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Experience the power of change by becoming a valued sponsor of the Dresses and Dreams Project. As a 501c3 nonprofit, we're driven by our passionate volunteers, committed to uplifting teen girls and women in challenging circumstances. You play a crucial role in our mission to bring hope and positivity to those who need it most. 

With over 2000 individuals served, we've witnessed the incredible impact of our work on both lives and communities. Your support matters greatly – you can become a sponsor or make a meaningful donation of any size to help us continue spreading hope and positivity. Join us in making a difference today!

Join the Dresses and Dreams Project Sisterhood as a volunteer! Your support helps us execute our annual events and year-round nonprofit programs. Whether you can give time, talents, or resources, we want you! Join us in spreading love to those in need in our communities.

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The Dresses and Dreams Project assists to empower teen girls and women with dresses, to live healthy at a foundational level, realize their purpose in life, and to have opportunity to live life to her full potential. Located in the Inland Empire in Southern California, we provide much more than a free dress for special events. The organization provides an opportunity for any girl to discover her passion in life and find her purpose.

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“Serving with the this past year was a blessing for my daughter and I. Watching the girls come into the room for the event just brought so much joy seeing their faces light up looking at how the tables were nicely decorated with crowns and mirrors. The way all the guest speakers were excited to share their experience, strength and hope and how they made some mistakes in life and how there was a hope for them too, and encouraging the girls to reach out for help. Seeing the girls joy of picking a dress they liked and modeling it for friends and getting a picture. It’s more about a dress. This event brings so much hope for girls feeling insignificant . It provides tools to get through tough times and to see past their circumstances. . It was beautiful and I’m grateful to be a part of this life changing event.”

~Adele Brecht

“As a high school student, I volunteered for Operation Prom Girl for 3 years. I was surrounded by women who were like a second family. We all had the same goal of helping people while showing them the goodness of God. The community that was built allowed for growth individually and also as a team. We were able to go to events and have a positive impact on people’s lives. I was able to discover and use the gifts God has given me, such as hospitality and a lot of behind the scenes work. This organization has helped me grow as a person and allowed me to have the opportunity to be a blessing to those around me.

Victoria Nelson

“I attended the Operation Prom girl event in 2022 and I absolutely loved it. I think that the purpose of the event and the organization in general blesses a lot of people and gives them opportunities that they may have never had. It was an amazing experience seeing the girls fall in love with the dresses they picked and being given the chance to be prayed for. I think every girl deserves to feel beautiful and the environment of this event provides them just that.”

Valerie Gutierrez

“ I have personally witnessed how The Dresses and Dreams Project has changed many young girls lives fueling them with empowerment and love. I have seen so many magical and uplifting moments. No one leaves empty handed, whether it’s a dress or shoes to physically hold in their hands, their hearts are filled with encouragement and confidence. I wished there were programs like this when I was coming of age. So many glorious moments to remember.”

Sheila Lawton,
Menifee Police Department 



The pearl

The pearl is our signature gem because of its ability to withstand the elements, to persevere under harsh conditions to become the gem that it is, hidden in a shell for sometimes up to 23 years before emerging in glowy glory! This is sometimes similar to our own lives as our journeys take us through and to the other side of hardship, struggle and turbulence to reveal the plans for our lives, and include the testimonies that God has brought us through- the story of grit and grace.