Living Behind the Mask

Its not a surprise when I hear about young girls who are suffering with self esteem/self confidence, eating disorders, and issues of the like. We have become a society that places a very high value on the Hollywood Standard of Beauty. We never even pause to ask ourselves if this standard is even attainable.

Sadly, you can wear the best makeup, clothes, hair, shoes, drive a nice car and live in a posh Southern California home and from the outside look like you have it all together and be broken on the inside. One must stop and ask “why” is it we strive for this unattainable standard?

The truth is once you love who you are from the inside the outside will follow. It’s kinda funny that it does not work the other way around. When your broken inside no amount of makeup, clothes, or money on the outside is going to fix you on the inside.

How do you learn to Love yourself from the inside? It all boils down to total acceptance with who you are, how you were created, your uniqueness, your gifts and talents. We need to spend more time focusing on these things rather than on trying to achieve a Hollywood standard of beauty that is unattainable.

That is our goal with Operation Prom Girl to lead these girls on the path of loving and valuing themselves, recognizing they were created for a special and unique purpose in life.

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