Sunday a day of reflection


Happy Sunday – as we spend time reflecting on what we did last week we also look ahead to what this week will bring.  If we allow ourselves to see something good in all that we encounter we will have a happy, successful week.  This next week will be a time of dotting all the i’s and crossing all the t’s.  We are anticipating our numbers will be coming in for Operation Prom Girl 2015 participants, and we definitely don’t want to miss anyone – so get your submissions in!

This is an exciting time of year for so many, yet it can also be a sad time.  We know there are girls out there that are in need of a prom dress or maybe just a little smile and encouragement from someone.  If you run across a girl like this will you be the one that will put a smile on her face?  You see it does not cost anything except your time.  Are you willing to take a few minutes from your day to help make someone else’s day?  Are you willing to offer that encouragement?

Operation Prom Girl is all about that encouragement – its all about taking that extra minute from our day to share a little sunshine with someone that needs it!  We believe we need to meet people right where they are.  We are all about taking the extra we have been given and giving it to someone else. We know our community shares this same belief which is evident by all the dresses that have been donated!

As you take time today to reflect back on your week and look forward to next week take a moment to think about spreading some of your sunshine with someone that needs it.

In closing, if you know a high school girl in need of a prom dress send her our way, our event is on March 28th and everything we give out is free!

Happy Sunday

Dawn and Linda

Published by The Dresses and Dreams Project

The Dresses and Dreams Project is 501 (c)3 non-profit organization to inspire vulnerable teen girls and women to love and value themselves. We provide resources, referrals and empowerment through workshops, classes, mentoring and community collaboration to girls and women year- round at a mind, body, and spirit level, with a special emphasis on self-love, healthy relationships, and integrity. We hold an annual event called Operation Prom Girl where we have provided over 1200 prom dresses to high school girls and assisted with military balls and events for special learners. We also donate dresses to all women who have a need. Our mission is to empower women through the magic of a beautiful dress, and inspire them to live to their full potential and purpose.

2 thoughts on “Sunday a day of reflection

  1. Hi! I am interested in volunteering to help out. Do you guys still need any volunteers? I also do spray tans on the side maybe I can help out some way with that? I don’t know just throwing it out there but I would love to help out and volunteer. Thanks!!

    1. We would love to have your help! We are having our next volunteer meeting Monday March 2, at 6:00pm at Starbucks on Clinton Keith in Wildomar (off hwy 15 in the Denny’s Albertsons shopping center) if your unable to make it would you email us your phone# and we can call you

      Thanks so much
      Dawn & Linda

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