What is Faith

What Is Faith? I will tell you what faith is. Faith is taking a chance and stepping into an unknown result. Trusting God has my back because I surely am not back there, I can’t do life alone, and other humans can’t rescue me forever. Right? THE ONLY OBSTACLE TO FAITH IS ME!! (If I decide to pedal backwards, go sideways, or not continue the March Forward. March).

If I do the footwork in my life, the mere act of footwork alone is faith- BUT TO TRUST ITS GOING TO WORK OUT WHILE I’M DOING THE FOOTWORK IS ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️FIVE STAR FAITH. Haha. Sink or swim ring a bell?

And it’s not easy. It’s all about conditioning. Like a physical body needs conditioning before competing in an IronMan event, the spiritual side of us needs conditioning too! We get back what we put into anything in life.

Here’s some examples: ~A junkie puts a needle in his arm and ends up homeless and helpless on the street. He has kids out there somewhere, but he has no idea how many, or where they are. His heart is still beating for now but inside he is already dead.

~A girl takes a hit of a meth pipe and is hooked for life. She is now 25 and looks like she is 50. She is missing her teeth. Her kids were always hungry when she wasn’t, sometimes resorting to eating raw macaroni and cheese while mom was in the other room getting high. Her kids are now in jail and foster care. Both have been sexually abused.

~a girl who was bullied in school because she didn’t fit the “Hollywood Standard” (an unrealistic lie that we will begin believing if we are not careful and don’t know the Truth). She wants to end it all but then suddenly gets some referrals, resources, and begins to learn to cut those roots of shame at the high school ministry at a local church . She finds a new set of surroundings and is lifted back up again. She is now helping suicidal men and women in an outreach she founded, and has many supporters who are well known celebrity faces who had also been secretly suicidal or feeling worthless at one time. She raises a family in a healthy manner and passes no guilt or shame onto her kids. Happily married for over 10 years to a man who supported her through tragedies and triumphs she continues her journey with her testimony and her desire to move forward to make a difference in her life and others.

And it’s a life-long journey. We never stop learning. We fall. We get back up. No shame no guilt. You know why? When shame and guilt take root, it’s the beginning of the “I’m not good enough and I will never amount to anything” lie. It’s an EVIL root. Most of us have experienced or are currently experiencing what it feels like to live with these roots. And many of us don’t know it. But that’s ok. Gotta start somewhere!

It takes awhile to trust that everything is working for our good and that we can trust. I mean, after all, some of us couldn’t trust the very people who were suppose to love us. So how can we have this “faith”?

You cannot physically see faith. Don’t beat yourself up though. It takes plenty of time to develop spiritual conditioning. The more time you spend in this conditioning, the easier it will be to understand..God doesn’t hate us or beat us up when we have made mistakes. Without tests, there can be no testimony!!!


Published by The Dresses and Dreams Project

The Dresses and Dreams Project is 501 (c)3 non-profit organization to inspire vulnerable teen girls and women to love and value themselves. We provide resources, referrals and empowerment through workshops, classes, mentoring and community collaboration to girls and women year- round at a mind, body, and spirit level, with a special emphasis on self-love, healthy relationships, and integrity. We hold an annual event called Operation Prom Girl where we have provided over 1200 prom dresses to high school girls and assisted with military balls and events for special learners. We also donate dresses to all women who have a need. Our mission is to empower women through the magic of a beautiful dress, and inspire them to live to their full potential and purpose.

2 thoughts on “What is Faith

  1. I have a two dresses that I bought for my daughters from David’s bridal for our daughters prom, We would love to donate them to you…I love what you are doing for girls it is absolutely beautiful! I was one of those girls that was not able to go to my prom because my parents could not afford to buy me one. Something I still think about after all these years. I am truly blessed to know that you are doing such wonderful thing for girls, so that they have a opportunity to exsperence such s beautiful moment in there lives.

    1. This outreach is very close to our hearts as well in more ways than one. Thank you so very much for wanting to jump on board and being so generous. I’m not sure where you live but the drop off location is in Wildomar California. Is that going to be a problem? I did not attend to my prom either and somebody helped my daughter get to the prom. We were also very dysfunctional and both Linda andI have a testimony. thank you for sharing with us!!!you’re amazing!

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