Our Drop Offs & What We Accept

I know everyone has been asking, “do you take dresses?” The answer is, yes- however, we found ourselves at a standstill because we needed to make room so the generous public could continue donating gowns. After donating some older styles of gowns to a local thrift shop, we are again able to accept donations. We also accept fancy shoes, and now, pearl jewelry .


Dresses must be clean, stylish and up-to-date in fashion. Please make sure when you are thinking about donating dresses and gowns that they are new or gently worn, clean, teen/military ball appropriate, and fashionable. We are especially in need of PLUS-SIZED DRESSES, sizes 16 and up. We also accept new or very gently worn shoes appropriate for formal/semi formal wear.

Have any pearl jewelry? We are now accepting pearls for our new vision, called Pearlessence. Pearls are the Dresses and Dreams Project’s signature. Please see information on the flyer for more detail. Pearls are also easier to mail, from farther distances. So for those of you who wanted to donate gowns but could not do so because you were located too far away, this might be another opportunity to assist!

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  1. Missie says:

    Where is the drop off?


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