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Empowering vulnerable teen girls and women to make their hopes and dreams a reality and providing a free annual formal gown event to those with challenging circumstances so they may attend their proms and formal events.


The Dresses and Dreams Project is more than just a dress, it’s an experience. In addition to our Operation Prom Girl program for teens with hardships or challenging circumstances, we provide gowns, shoes, and jewelry to military women and special needs programs. In addition to our gown program, it is a safe place to learn about love, identity, healthy relationships, and spirituality and provides resources for healing, mentorship, and a pathway breaking the cycle and living out her life’s purpose.

Quick Snapshot:

The Dresses and Dreams Project assists to empower women to live healthy at a foundational level, realize their purpose in life, and to help make their dreams a reality. We have given away over 1200 gowns and beautiful dresses and much more to those in need for their proms and balls in the last seven years through our Operation Prom Girl program.

Located in the Inland Empire in Southern California, we provide much more than a special occasion dress. The organization provides an opportunity for any girl to discover her passion in life and find her purpose. Because of the great need for mentorship and guidance in the lives of challenged teen girls and young women, the scope of our vision provides resources and referrals for education and services like suicide, domestic violence, and human trafficking awareness and prevention, pregnancy, healthy relationships and self care, college and career, addiction, trauma recovery and much more.

We will move forward with helping more young women and continue our mission, growing and expanding our demographics and geographic locations with appropriate funding and support.

The Operation Prom Girl Program

We have an annual dress extravaganza to assist any high school girl with a hardship or challenging circumstance who finds it difficult to get a dress and other necessary items for her prom. These young women are given the opportunity to attend a free amazing day event where they are loved, empowered, provided with lunch, resources, referrals and career opportunities, fashion show, workshops, and of course a dress, shoes, jewelry and many other services to assist her on her big day. While we primarily assist high school-aged clients, we also have been blessed with the opportunity to develop partnerships with other programs and organizations where we can provide our services.

The following are a few of the opportunities we have had to provide dresses, shoes, and other services to the community:

~Operation Makeover ( female veterans and military wives)

~Wounded Warriors Project @ Camp Pendleton (US Military)

~Miss Marvelous Pageant (prom for special needs girls)

~Temecula Fashion Week (fundraiser program and fashion show)

~Before the Transition ( program for low income and previously incarcerated women who are on a pathway to success through empowerment and job assistance training/placement)

~ Tim Tebow Foundation’s ” A Night To Shine” -prom for special needs teens

~NAFE ( National Association Of Female Executives)

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