Fall Is Here And We Are Looking For New Faces!

If you have a passion for our program’s mission and vision to help change the lives of young women in our communities and assist military and other women in need; if you want to help a girl get to prom and assist in the planning and execution of our Spring 2019 Cinderella-themed event, we haveContinue reading “Fall Is Here And We Are Looking For New Faces!”

Operation Prom Girl’s Fall Kickoff For 2018-19 Season

Our volunteer kickoff for 2018-19 is just around the corner. Our first volunteer meeting for 2018-19 season will take place on October 11 in the city of Wildomar, where Operation Prom Girl was founded. OPG runs on 100% volunteerism and we need support! We have many exciting events as we move forward, as well asContinue reading “Operation Prom Girl’s Fall Kickoff For 2018-19 Season”

Operation Prom Girl So Cal 2018~ An Incredible Experience! 

Operation Prom Girl SoCal, a free prom dress program founded in the Inland Valley Empire of Southern California had their annual event at the Elk’s Club in Wildomar on March 24. The theme was The Great Gatsby and the itinerary for the high school girls in attendance hit the spot. Girls not only took aContinue reading “Operation Prom Girl So Cal 2018~ An Incredible Experience! “

Meet Jolie Brownell, Inspirational Teen Author

Jolie is a fabulous teen author who will be contributing regularly to the Operation Prom Girl blog and social media pages. The link to her book is listed below. Enjoy her works with us!  Jolie Brownell is a 17 year old high school graduate from Portland, Oregon who through her love of writing plans toContinue reading “Meet Jolie Brownell, Inspirational Teen Author”

Jessie’s Gems

🌸JESSIE’S GEMS🌸 OVERTHINKING Why is it that I have so many questions? Wheather they be big ones or small ones, I still seem to have many questions about life and myself. “Will they accept me for who I am?” “Should I be doing this?” “Will this dishonor my beliefs and disappoint others if I madeContinue reading “Jessie’s Gems”

A Testimony From One of Our Operation Prom Girls

 Prom Photography generously donated by CharClar Photography  https://www.facebook.com/CharClarPhotography/ My name is Kaelin. I had the opportunity to attend Operation Prom Girl SoCal for the first time in 2017. I’m so glad I did. I was not feeling very well, spiritually and emotionally on that day. I nearly did not make it to the event. IContinue reading “A Testimony From One of Our Operation Prom Girls”

Operation Prom Girl is AN EXPERIENCE

..More than just a free dress~ it’s an experience #OPERATIONPROMGIRL For all women~ all ages. Military friendly  #glamitupgirls #lovethatreflection #316 #yearroundoutreach #gothardshiporspecialcircumstance? #tellusyourstory at http://www.opromgirl.wordpress.com or email operationpromgirl@gmail.com

Looking For A Few Fabulous People!!! 

We are seeking volunteers ! Our monthly meetings will begin soon :)We are a year-round program for high school girls and women in need of a beautiful dress and offer much more than just glitz and glam! We now have extended our mission to include military women and have a lot of great things plannedContinue reading “Looking For A Few Fabulous People!!! “

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