Operation Prom Girl SoCal is a non-profit 501c3 program. More than just a free dress and prom help for girls with hardships or special circumstances, OPG is an experience…
We depend on donations in order to continue to operate at the most basic foundational level. We also have a vision to expand our year-round services by integrating special programs to empower young women, as well as prepare them for a healthy and successful future.

In addition to free formal dresses, our vision is to provide resources, referrals, mind-body-spirit nourishment , classes,  career-oriented trainings, as well as opportunities for healing through music, art, and socialization for young women.

💗🦋🇺🇸Although we primarily serve high school students, we also assist with military balls, special needs programs, and other formal events.


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Operation Prom Girl SoCal collects new or very gently worn, stylish formal dresses and other items year- round such as shoes, clutches, and accessories for our amazing free program for high school girls, military balls, and others with special circumstances who meet our criteria. Please refer to the information below for a list of items, as well as our current dress drop off locations:

You may donate new or gently used stylish dresses, accessories, fancy shoes, makeup items, raffle items, services, or gift cards and in-kind donations to help support our events

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Please feel free to email our program for more information at

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