Free! Partnership with SAFE Family Justice Centers Offers Amazing Workshops With Focus On Domestic Violence Awareness and Healthy Relationships

Event Flyer For Past Event

The Dresses and Dreams Project has started a series of workshops called “Love Shouldn’t Hurt” where we have partnered with SAFE Family Justice Centers for a two hour class. Kimberly Anderson and Dawn Schultz of The Dresses and Dreams Project (and both survivors of DV) along with Aiko Holdaway of SAFE, Temecula Valley, were the instructors. The subject matter in these workshops are basic and in-depth education on domestic violence awareness and healthy relationships. Because of COVID restrictions, we offered the first class in this series in an online webinar format, and had great participation and success.

The workshops are available to students and others, ages 15 and up. Each participant receives a certificate of completion provided they attend the entire workshop. As the workshops conclude we send each participant a survey to complete, and are able to capture their pertinent requests, feedback, and whether or not they have an urgent matter they would like to speak to someone about. Participants are able to request any or all of our resources and referrals, and throughout the workshop they are reminded of emergency numbers and ongoing support offered if they are in a crisis situation.

Attendees of “Love Shouldn’t Hurt” 101 expressed a desire to continue the in-depth series of classes, with two local high school students desiring leadership training and curriculum to take the class to their high school campuses and clubs. “We realize that this, as well as suicide prevention and addiction, are topics that are real and happening now. This is really not discussed in depth in the high schools and kids are lost, broken, and in trouble. If nothing changes, nothing changes”, says Dawn Schultz, founder of The Dresses and Dreams Project, who gave her own testimony about DV and unhealthy relationships at the workshop. SAFE Family Justice Center offers emergent assistance for those in any type of domestic abuse, including legal assistance, relocation, as well as follow up and aftercare programs for all ages.

Family dysfunction leading to violence affects at least two out of every ten individuals. The numbers are based on reported cases only so may be much higher. It can cause decades, if not lifelong hardship and even lead to death. “We can not only help save lives and livelihoods, but also for the next generations who will stand a chance of making good choices if they see that their mom and/or dad are good role models as parents. This is a generational problem, and we need to help break the cycle and try not to just say it’s somebody else’s problem to deal with,” says Dawn.

The Dresses and Dreams Project is planning their next workshop to hit in February, 2021. Watch for details on Instagram, fb, MeWe, and Snapchat!

The Dresses and Dreams Project is looking for support as we continue to grow due to the overwhelming need for these types of programs to rapidly be put in place. We are 100% volunteer-run and our Operation Prom Girl Program and any of our year-round workshops and events are free.

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Thank You, Riverside County Nonprofit Assistance Fund (RCNPAF) and the Inland Empire Community Foundation

We would like to thank the Riverside County Nonprofit Assistance Fund, who by collaborating with the Inland Empire Community Foundation, were able to extend relief to many local nonprofit organizations who were impacted adversely due to Covid-19. The Dresses and Dreams Project was awarded $5,000 to help us with the costs associated with our longstanding nonprofit and its programs for teen girls with hardships and special circumstances. We are so grateful. Without this grant, we would not have had the means to continue to pay our rent to house over 1500 beautiful formal gowns, shoes, and supplies.

While our program is much more than a free formal dress, it really is the gown that entices young ladies to respond to what our program offers and then she is also able to take advantage of our resources we can provide for her to get her life on track and live out her God-given purpose.

The Dresses and Dreams Project has over 1/2 a million dollars worth of beautiful gowns. Our programs are free to those who qualify, including our annual Operation Prom Girl Program. We have given away over 1200 gowns, shoes and much more to teen girls for prom, military women for their balls, and special needs programs like Tim Tebow’s A Night To Shine Event, held in Temecula each year.

Thank you IE Community Foundation and RCNPAF!

First Youth Ambassadors Receive Crown and Sash

On October 17 we held our fall volunteer kickoff and awards at the gorgeous Heritage Park in Temecula. This was our first in-person gathering in great outdoor space for our new year, 2020-21. We are honored to have recognized the youth who have served at The Dresses and Dreams Project for a minimum of one year, by presenting them a beautiful crown and sash.

Our current youth ambassadors with one year or more of service at a volunteer capacity in are Hannah Pynn and Victoria Nelson. Sydney Wheeler was also awarded her crown and sash and mailed to her; she has served with our program for over one year and has recently moved out of state to attend college.

Teen girls ages 15-21 are encouraged to volunteer with our program as we build together. If you have a passion for the mission and vision of our program and would like more information on our new Youth Ambassadors Program can start by filling out the volunteer form on this site. We require a youth ambassador be available approximately once a month, and in person to serve our community and our programs we offer throughout the year as well as demonstrate good character in and out of the organization for our sisterhood of volunteers and her peers.


We will be starting our new year, 2020-21 at the Dresses and Dreams Project, by hosting a Fall Volunteer Kickoff and Awards at Harveston Lake Park, Temecula on October 17. Please refer to the flyer below and make sure you RSVP. Any person who volunteered at any capacity in fall 2019-2020 will receive an award at this meeting. We welcome new faces to our sisterhood and encourage you to come to this meeting in this beautiful park setting to check it out! There will be an opportunity to stroll around the lake at the conclusion of this meetup and refreshments will be served.

*Bring chair or blanket to sit on

Fall Kicks Off Our New Year

It is the wonderful season of fall again, where we traditionally hold our “first’ volunteer meeting to mark the beginning of a new year, 2020-21. We are looking for volunteers and even have some board positions available for those who are a good fit for our sisterhood. If you want to share your time, talent, and treasures, though all are welcome, we have specific openings for those experienced in finance, administrative, client and volunteer management, fundraising, grant writing, wordpress website, and social media, and technology. to start the volunteer process, please go to the volunteer page on this site where you will find a form to fill out, and join us on October 17 for our Fall Kickoff Volunteer Meeting and Awards Recognition.

Big Donation of Prom Gowns From Macy’s Temecula

This summer, we had the opportunity to partner with Rose Again Foundation to come together with Macy’s Temecula to accept a huge donation. Over 450 prom gowns were donated to The Dresses and Dreams Project to help girls with hardships and challenging circumstances to attend their formal events. The Rose Again Foundation, who helps newly-placed foster youth, accepted a donation of new little girl’s dresses and little boy’s suits and formal wear. Both the The Dresses and Dreams Project and Rose Again Foundation are all-volunteer run 501c3 nonprofits, and were absolutely blessed and thrilled to partner with Macy’s Department Store to accept these generous donations for two very good causes.

Loading up 450 gowns. Thank you to Ruff and Ready Movers for the truck and the volunteer service!
She’s a beauty!
Donations for Rose Again Foundation. Eventually the entire van was full!
Macy’s support with one of our crew members
Dawn Schultz, founder of The Dresses and Dreams Project (L), with Maria from Rose Again Foundation (R)
We are 100% volunteer- staffed
Smiles from a volunteer from Rose Again Foundation
Organizing storages to fit all the beautiful gowns. God will bless us with a location soon!

We Are Honoring 2020 Graduates!

Are you a senior from ANY AREA who is graduating this year? Let us honor you on our website and social media pages. Please send us your name, a grad-themed pic, a paragraph about yourself and what your dreaming of in your future, and your best contact information to We will feature our grads on our pages when we receive all of the information requested. We and have a small token gift for those who participate! Please visit us and like us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter ( our twitter handle is @dresses_dreams) Congratulations graduating class of 2020!!! #thedressesanddreamsproject #operationpromgirl

Operation Prom Girl 2020 Has Been Cancelled Until Further Notice

It is with a heavy heart that we are announcing the cancellation of Operation Prom Girl 2020 on April 18 at the Kay Ceniceros Center due to the Coronavirus pandemic. We do know however, that though this is a disappointment, that this will pass and God will make something great again.
I know times such as these can be scary for most people. For all of you beautiful people, I say, do not be afraid, but to be prepared on your home front, use this time for connection and reflection, and reach out if you need help. And to consider to seek and hold on to faith as times like these make us as individuals, as families, and as a nation, stronger as we look to God and know, without a doubt, that there is an incredible light at the end of this tunnel, even if we have not seen it yet. 💗

Operation Prom Girl 2020 “Crowns and Pearls” in Menifee

This year’s Operation Prom Girl Extravaganza and Prom Dress Giveaway is going to be held in the City of Menifee at the Kay Ceniceros Center on April 18, and planning for this event is well underway. This program is open to any high school girl with a hardship or challenging circumstance who would like to get help with her prom, including selecting a gown of the 1,500 + on display, shoes, and much more.

This year’s free event will feature a luncheon, keynote speakers, free resources and referrals, dessert bar, hair and makeup workshop, fashion show, and much more. Girls leave with hearts full, as well as gowns, shoes, jewelry, and goodie bags. All that is required is socks to be donated at the door prior to entry in lieu of an admission fee. These socks will then be donated to a local domestic violence shelter to help abused women in need.

Registration begins on this website on February 1 until maximum capacity is reached.

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