Make A Difference By Being A Sponsor- Free Program Needs Support

Here’s your opportunity to make a difference in the life of an amazing organization and the girls it serves. Operation Prom Girl 2020, “Crowns and Pearls”, will be happening for our 7th year, and we have a way anyone can support us! We have assisted over 1,000 challenged teens, disabled and military women thus far.

Our program is completely free to teen girls and women with hardships/challenging circumstances and we are 100% volunteer-run. Your contribution through our sponsorship program is tax-deductible! Check out our “ menu” of cool options!

The Dresses and Dreams Project is a program that continues to serve girls all year round, with our annual prom dress giveaway being a hit. More importantly, with mentorship opportunities and a chance and learning love , healthy relationships and restoration to live to a girl/woman’s’ full potential and finding her purpose.

Our prom program for any girl with a hardship or challenging circumstance will be held on April 18, 2020 at the Kay Ciniceros Center where we expect 100+ girls will be served, with lunch, dessert, inspiring speakers, workshops, resources, domestic violence and human trafficking awareness, and of course, a free formal gown, swag bags, shoes, jewelry, prizes, and more.

Below are ways to support:

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Got Military Ball? We Can Help!

🇺🇸🏆The Dresses and Dream Project LOVES OUR MILITARY! If you will be attending a military ball and do not have a gown to wear, no worries! We can help! We have gowns, shoes, jewelry, resources, and referrals available to our local military families.

Please contact us with details at

We are located in Riverside County (Inland Empire), CA. Due to the challenges of formal dress sizing , recipient must be present for a proper fitting of gown. Unfortunately we cannot mail gowns.

Registration For Operation Prom Girl 2020 To Open On February 1

If you know you will be attending your prom this year and have a financial hardship or other challenging circumstance preventing you from getting a gown and other things you will need to make your prom dream a reality, please register here on February 1 for Operation Prom Girl 2020.

This year’s theme will be “Crowns and Pearls” and event will be held in the City of Menifee. All girls who need help who can commit to attending this event are welcome to register. If you have never had the opportunity to attend an Operation Prom Girl event, you’re in for a real treat. It is a full day event with inspirational speakers, fashion show, luncheon, music, workshops, prize giveaways and of course a free formal gown, shoes and more. Limited seating is available.

More details to come, keep checking back with us for updates. Until then, please enjoy some of our other workshops and events in the Inland Empire. We also provide community service hours for attending anything we have coming up, including volunteer meetings. Make sure you’re following us on Facebook or Instagram to stay in the loop!

Silent Auction, Dress Sale, and Chili Dinner Fundraiser-November 30!

The Dresses and Dreams Project In partnership with the City of Wildomar and the VFW who has been a long-time support of our organization, present our holiday fundraiser chili dinner, dress sale, and silent auction. Come by, get off your feet and relax, have chili and cornbread dinner, some music, dresses, and a very cool silent auction shopping opportunity after an exhausting day of Christmas crowds and challenging traffic! All happening from 2-5 at the VFW Post 1508, in Wildomar.

CROWNED- Mark Your Calendars For November 9!

The Dresses and Dreams Project in partnership with the City of Menifee invite girls ages 12 and up to CROWNED, crowns and and inspirational message, to mark the kickoff of an amazing holiday season. All happening at the Kay Cisneros Center in Menifee, you are invited to make and take a crown fit for royalty-YOU! Event is free to girls 12-17. Ages 18 and up a donation of $5.00 is suggested to cover materials. We will have a party dress sale for $5 and up, the new “Pearlify” pearl jewelry line debut, and a bake sale . Refreshments available for our guests. All proceeds help support the expenses of The Dresses and Dreams Project and their many opportunities for teen girls and women. This event is for girls ages 12 and up and women only .

Come enjoy this event and be filled with the Spirit and the true inspiration of the season . Mothers and daughters welcome .

Our Drop Offs & What We Accept

I know everyone has been asking, “do you take dresses?” The answer is, yes- however, we found ourselves at a standstill because we needed to make room so the generous public could continue donating gowns. After donating some older styles of gowns to a local thrift shop, we are again able to accept donations. We also accept fancy shoes, and now, pearl jewelry .


Dresses must be clean, stylish and up-to-date in fashion. Please make sure when you are thinking about donating dresses and gowns that they are new or gently worn, clean, teen/military ball appropriate, and fashionable. We are especially in need of PLUS-SIZED DRESSES, sizes 16 and up. We also accept new or very gently worn shoes appropriate for formal/semi formal wear.

Have any pearl jewelry? We are now accepting pearls for our new vision, called Pearlessence. Pearls are the Dresses and Dreams Project’s signature. Please see information on the flyer for more detail. Pearls are also easier to mail, from farther distances. So for those of you who wanted to donate gowns but could not do so because you were located too far away, this might be another opportunity to assist!

Seeking Dress Drop Off Locations

We are seeking a few local businesses that would like to partner with the Dresses and Dreams Project and operate as a dress drop off location for gown donations. We have an average of 3-5 gown drop offs per month by individuals in the community. As prom season approaches, we may have more. Here’s how it works: you and your business are placed on our website and social media pages and advertised as one of our drop off locations. Individuals wanting to donate gown(s) swing by and drop off the dress. The plus? There is a good probability they will stick around and shop or get familiar with your business. And, you are forming a partnership with a local non-profit who offers a free program for teens with challenging circumstances! 😇 You just call us when you receive donation(s) and we come and pick up from you. That simple! If you are interested in becoming a drop off location, please contact

A Vision And A Dream

We will be having a vision/dream board workshop for teen girls, ages 14 and up, and women, in the Inland Empire at the Wildomar Library on September 14 from 11-1pm. Class will be facilitated by Robbie Motter who hosted a vision board class during our 2018 prom dress giveaway event and the teens that attended the gala said it was their favorite part of the day! Space is limited to 25 people and refreshments will be available. This is an excellent way for teens to begin the new school year. If you’ve never done a vision board or it’s been awhile, this workshop is a must! They are a lot of fun and you get to take them home to display in your home or office throughout the year. Best of all the class is free. We are seeking magazine donations for this workshop. To rsvp and be put on the guest list, please email or contact us here on this site .

Welcome To The Dresses and Dreams Project

We have recently changed our official non-profit organization’s name to The Dresses and Dreams Project. Formerly known as Operation Prom Girl, the annual dress program for teen girls with hardships and challenging circumstances, we agreed that a name change was just what we needed to convey to the public that we are so much more than just a dress.

How It Began

Founded in 2014, Our organization was born when a single mother and makeup artist for two decades had a vision to help a few girls get to prom who could not afford to do so. She was blessed a few years prior by someone who helped her own daughter attend prom and knew it was time to give back. Her experience as a makeup artist often led her to playing a “counseling” role when ladies, young or more mature, sat down in the makeup chair. They all had similar stories to tell. And many were hurt, scarred, and broken. Many stories had similarities. Only the faces had changed. As a trauma survivor herself, she knew how important it was to listen. And more importantly, for these women to heal.

Word quickly spread in the Inland Empire of her mission, and she used social media to solicit dress donations. Within a month, over 100 gowns were collected and within three months as early spring and prom time arrived, over 300 gowns were donated to this worthy cause. The first year, 18 girls were assisted and to date, over 1000 gowns have been given away at an annual event called Operation Prom Girl. These free events are truly more than just a gown giveaway. Attendees receive a full day’s itinerary including encouraging and powerful guest speakers, luncheon, resources and referrals, fashion show, hair and makeup workshop, vision boards, opportunity for college and career assistance, and on- site emergency assistance for those who may have emergent issues which would call for a counselor or trauma professional. In addition to their gown, they receive goody bags, shoes, gift certificates for services, jewelry and accessories, and raffle prizes. But it doesn’t stop there. Assistance is also provided to military women/balls, and special needs programs. In 2019 we were honored to provide dresses to a Tim Tebow ” Night To Shine” Prom for special needs teens in Temecula, CA.

A Year-Round Teen Girl and Women’s Collaborative

The name change opens a door for this 100% volunteer-run organization whose programs are free to vulnerable teen girls and women. We felt we were an organization that was associated only with prom season. The founder, Dawn Schultz, states, “Operation Prom Girl will still be very much part of the program. It’s here to stay. We have 1500 dresses and an annual event. And the beauty of the gown is where a girl might get a glimpse of the beauty she may not be able to see in herself initially. But we never want to just leave a girl in a dress with a full face of makeup, and have her believe that this is all there is to life. We want her to come face to face with the mirror and that reflection staring back at her when she is bare, real, and vulnerable, and learn to love who she is and what she sees. Beauty behind the mask.” We want these girls to get to know and love who they are as precious children of God and to help them learn and grow through a fun and nurturing environment, laughter, self-care , learning what healthy relationships look like, and what they’re not, and providing opportunities for healing at a foundational level so they can sever the roots that may hinder or destroy their ability to be all they can be, make healthy decisions, and flourish in life with integrity. I know their stories because I’ve lived it. That girl was ME. And I want to be to our clients who I needed when I was trying to find my way.”

For this reason, The Dresses and Dreams Project will offer classes, activities, resources, and referrals year-round by collaborating with teens and women in our community that can benefit from the empowerment of healthy lifestyle, life skills, counseling services, mentorship, and more. Dawn concludes by saying , “It has always been part of the vision. The door is now opening for us to implement what we have always conveyed and stood for. And what was part of our mission and vision statement, our own dream. We have some incredible volunteers and others on board that are now collaborating for a cause. It’s really a beautiful thing.”

Please do that it’s possible to break vicious cycles of family dysfunction and traumas that lead to unhealthy behaviors that can manifest as addiction, unhealthy lifestyles, fill in the blank, the list goes on. And long-term, when the cycle is broken, these young women who will eventually bear children, can pass the goodness on to their own daughters and sons. We want to have a positive effect on individuals so we can affect future generations and the world, one soul at a time!

For more information on our program, please email us at

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