Meet Jolie Brownell, Inspirational Teen Author

Jolie is a fabulous teen author who will be contributing regularly to the Operation Prom Girl blog and social media pages. The link to her book is listed below. Enjoy her works with us! 

Jolie Brownell is a 17 year old high school graduate from Portland, Oregon who through her love of writing plans to change the world by empowering girls to love themselves, believe in themselves, and go after their dreams. Starting out as a guest blogger for All Women’s Talk and then moving on to write for the I AM THAT GIRL organization, Jolie has inspired thousands of girls with her messages and the sharing of how she found self-love.

Jessie’s Gems


Why is it that I have so many questions? Wheather they be big ones or small ones, I still seem to have many questions about life and myself. “Will they accept me for who I am?” “Should I be doing this?” “Will this dishonor my beliefs and disappoint others if I made this decision?”As teenagers and young adults we tend to have many questions. And I can see why! Being a teen/young adult can be a very difficult age, because we are no longer kidsn but at the same time we are not fully grown adults yet. This is the time in our lives to find what God truly has in store for us. To find who we are in His identity and put the ambition in our gifted passions. And as we explore, questions will be asked. We just want to make sure that we are on the right path. I can be very guilty of overthinking. In my life expereince so far I’ve learned that overthinking too much can lead to unwanted anxiety and depression. I had to learn that it is okay to not know every question. It is okay to fall apart sometimes. Falling apart makes us human and gives us the ablility to learn from our mistakes. No matter what age we are, we are still God’s children and He will give us the strength to guide us to where we need to go. So stop, take a breath and see where the path takes you. Life is too short to have that many questions, so go out there and have them answered by doing!
“Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not on your own understandings. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall guide your path.” Proverbs 3:5- 6
(**Jessie’s Gems will be posted weekly. Jessie is an 18 year old Lake Elsinore High School, California graduate and a human trafficking/ women’s issues advocate who is in her first year of college. She currently volunteers with Operation Prom Girl organization and blogs once a week to share her thoughts and struggles as we believe the honest sharing of pieces of our own testimonies helps others to feel a bit of freedom and grace)

A Testimony From One of Our Operation Prom Girls

 Prom Photography generously donated by CharClar Photography

My name is Kaelin. I had the opportunity to attend Operation Prom Girl SoCal for the first time in 2017. I’m so glad I did. I was not feeling very well, spiritually and emotionally on that day. I nearly did not make it to the event. I called the founder on her cel phone, at that point the event had already started and girls were arriving. Dawn encouraged me to show up and that she would find me a ride. Reluctantly I agreed. I really wanted to show up but it felt like something was holding me back. Soon, Eleanor arrived at my home to take me to the Bridge Church where the event was taking place. This is only the beginning of my journey but I’ll tell you a little more about it. 
My life before I came to know and trust in Christ was dark, scary, and horrible. I was confused on why the decisions in my life were made. I even questioned God and his power. I questioned him because I felt as though if he loved me why would he take away the closest people in my life. Why he was hurting me? 

 My life was frustrating and I was in a dark state of mind. Very dark. I came to know Christ through my friends not long ago. I thought it was time I forgave God and forgave the things that were wrong in my life . I reached out to my friend and began attending First Assembly of God in Lake Elsinore, California . I started in the youth groups on Wednesdays and I have grown ever since then.
 I attended a camp with them which lasted from July 31- August 4 and never have I been more connected to God and never have my eyes been opened to love and understanding. 
By committing myself to a Christian church and accepting God as my savior my life has been brighter and more happy. I smile more often and I know how to handle with situations better than before I started going to church. My life has changed ! I want to thank pastor Wyatt, the youth leader at First Assembly Of God in Lake Elsinore, for making this possible for me . I would also like to thank Operation Prom Girl for helping me and my family out when it came to our hardships and struggles especially after my mom passed away- and most off all for keeping a smile on my face when I needed it the most. They not only provided a dress, but also a photography package where I received Prom photos taken in Dana Point, Dawn did my make up, I received shoes, and my date also received help with a suit and prom tickets. It was a blessing. 
I am so excited and on fire! I plan on becoming a volunteer for Operation Prom Girl and attending the first meeting of their new season very soon. I want to reach out to help others and continue to open up and share my testimony to benefit others with similar circumstances who are confused and feel like giving up. I want to become a speaker or a youth pastor someday. Dawn said I could start today because there are people that need help every day, everywhere. I’m so excited to see where my journey leads me. 

Thank you Dawn for giving me the opportunity to share this testimony and to become part of Operation Prom Girl and a new journey in life . 

~Kaelin Whosoever

*Operation is non- denominational and is not affiliated with any religious institution . All are welcome.

~Kaelin Whosoever
*Operation is non- denominational and is not affiliated with any religious institution . All are welcome. 

Operation Prom Girl is AN EXPERIENCE

..More than just a free dress~ it’s an experience #OPERATIONPROMGIRL

For all women~ all ages. Military friendly 

#glamitupgirls #lovethatreflection #316 #yearroundoutreach #gothardshiporspecialcircumstance? #tellusyourstory at or email

Looking For A Few Fabulous People!!! 

We are seeking volunteers ! Our monthly meetings will begin soon :)We are a year-round program for high school girls and women in need of a beautiful dress and offer much more than just glitz and glam! We now have extended our mission to include military women and have a lot of great things planned for 2017-18! We need YOU! This IS, and always has relied on community effort and volunteer support. We at Operation Prom Girl are a sisterhood of volunteer women who believe in the mission statement of this outreach and together we make this world a beautiful place, one woman at a time. 

There may be opportunities to fill internship roles as well as future positions with our organization. 

Sign up at

We are also on fb, twitter and Instagram! 

REGISTRATION NOW OPEN! Sign up for Operation Prom Girl 2017 NOW! 

Calling All girls who have any type of hardship or special circumstance ! We have an amazing day for you with lunch, dessert, drawings, fashion show, awesome speakers, a chance to sign up for hair and make up on your prom day, and of course you get to pick your very own formal dress (and More!) to take home with you! 

It’s all happening at the Bridge Church in Murrieta- April 8- seating is limited. We are nondenominational and we don’t require that you be of a specific faith or any faith at all to attend. Let’s rock this!!! 

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