The countdown has ended and the event was a hit!

We really did have intentions to countdown to zero, and ended up stopping at day 3.  What can I say the days just got away from me!  You know those last few days before your big event you always run into those little annoyances or problems that seem astronomical.  I found myself staying up way past midnight just to make sure everything was ready for the big Operation Prom Girl Event.


Did all those late nights really make a difference?  Of course we would say yes but who really knows.  All we know is our event was a hit.  We transformed the VFW room (Veterans of Foreign Wars) into a room fit for a princess and our girls loved it!  We had a very large decor crew including a group of Tri Valley Pageant beauties who used their creativity to make our welcome sign.  (you would have thought that was one of our focus items on those late nights)

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As the volunteers worked to transform the room our welcome team was busy getting all the sign in sheets in place and ready.  Let’s not forget the food, desserts, candy and beverages – yes we had another crew who was instrumental in getting all of that set up and replenished.


_DSC9793[1] _DSC9794[1] _DSC9795[1] _DSC9796[2] _DSC9798[1]_DSC9788[1]

The girls started arriving well before the event was scheduled to start, which brought a lot of excitement and anticipation to all of us.  When the doors finally opened at 2:00pm, in came the girls many with their mother or legal guardian.  We had 4 amazing speakers sharing from their hearts the struggles they have encountered and how they moved past them.  Our Emcee was witty, spunky and fantastic!  It would be an understatement to say that God was in that room because you could feel the love everywhere.

_DSC9802[1] _DSC9807[1]

Our Emcee – Leona Berry


The Faces of Operation Prom Girl – Right side – Founder Dawn Schultz, Left Side – Director of Operations – Linda Harris


First Speaker – Lyndsay Swann


Next Speaker – Vanessa Harris


Next Speaker – Linda Harris


Fourth Speaker – Deserie Valentine


We saved the best for last – the makeup workshop the selection of prom dresses & shoes, last but not least the goodie bags!  We were able to collect over 500 prom dresses so the girls had a wide selection to choose from and we had a seamstress on site to make alterations when necessary.

_DSC9786[2] _DSC9894[1]


_DSC9834[1] _DSC9835[1] _DSC9837[1] _DSC9838[1] _DSC9839[1] _DSC9840[1] _DSC9841[1] _DSC9844[1]

The Goodie Bags that every girl needs!


By the time 6pm rolled around the room was pretty empty except for our clean up/tear down crew.  These folks worked like a team to get the job done.  I am in awe of the folks we have in our community (Inland Empire – Riverside County) who made this all possible.

We would be remiss if we did not say a HUGE thank you to Christina of CB Designs who connected us with Denine Diaz and Mary Martinez of the Lake Elsinore Unified School District who were very instrumental in identifying the girls for our program.

I would like to say we are going to take a break but that is impossible – we are already doing the follow up from the evaluations the girls submitted plus thinking about next years events.

Stay tuned when it comes to me and Dawn there is ALWAYS more to come.

Love to you all

Linda and Dawn

3 Days and Counting

Four months ago we went into “high” gear with all the prep and planning for our March 28th Prom dress giveaway event, and here we are just 3 short days away.  We started with a couple of dress racks and about 100 dresses, several pairs of shoes and 2 gals with willing hearts.

We have met some incredible people in our community who have stepped up to donate goods, money, and services to make our event a memorable one for the girls in our program.  We could not have pulled it together without the generosity of so many people.  Thank you all so much, a phrase you will hear us say over and over again.

We are in awe of the ladies who are donating their services and talents to provide makeup application for these girls on prom day, photo shoots for a raffle, hairstyle for day of prom, and even spray tans.  Our participant list has grown so many of these donated services will be raffled off during our event.

Stay tuned


4 Days and Counting

We are just 4 short days away from our 2nd annual Operation Prom Girl dress giveaway.  Our participant list is being finalized.  Last minute volunteer details are being worked out, and the girls have been receiving their event tickets!

To say we are excited is to put it mildly!  We are over the top excited!  If we could turn the clock back we would put on one of these prom dresses and dance around like Cinderella.  After all isn’t that what every girls dream is to be Cinderella like?


Follow us for the next 4 days and share the joy with us as these girls receive their prom dresses!

5 Days and Counting

Excitement is building just 5 days until our big prom dress give away to Inland Empire High School girls.

I wish we could say we have it all together, but at this point we are still dealing with those “oh no’s” we discovered yesterday.  Yet we know it will all come together so there is not stressing out here!

We have big plans to transform the VFW (Veteran’s of Foreign War) room into a place fit for a princess.  We will give you a sneak peak at this beauty built by our very own Bruce Harris! This is going to be used to cover a wall, our plans are to use silver stars, white lights and just have the wall pop!


We are going pink, white, and silver!  Stay tuned as we share more leading up to the big day!

6 Days and Counting

We are just 6 days away from the 2nd Annual Operation Prom Girl event where we will give away prom dresses to high school girls in the Inland Empire who have special circumstances or hardships that would make it difficult for them to attend prom.

We spent today going over all the items on our timeline to ensure everything is in place for Saturday, identified a couple of those “oh no” items and put a plan in place to have it all completed before our event.

When we take a minute and step back we realize that God has really come through with this event. You see Dawn and I are just two regular girls who have experienced many bumps, peaks and valleys in life and now just want to give back!  We never went to our prom.  We feel so blessed that we will experience the excitement and joy with these girls as they select their dresses and are encouraged ! At times just the thought of all the joy and happiness that will be in that room is overwhelming!

Follow us for the next 5 days until the day of our event!

Sneak peak at some of the decorations


Gerber Daisies

Hello Friends we are just 11 days away from our annual Operation Prom Girl event at the VFW Hall in Wildomar, Ca. So why do we title this blog Gerber Daisies? Well, you see, our goal is to transform the VFW Hall into a room fit for a princess.  In order to do that we need Gerber Daisies!  If you are able to donate 1 dozen light pink gerber daisies to us please sign up by following this link below!  Thank you so much we would never be able to put on this event without all of the wonderful donors like you!


Click to View Volunteer Opportunities on VolunteerSpot

What is Faith

What Is Faith? I will tell you what faith is. Faith is taking a chance and stepping into an unknown result. Trusting God has my back because I surely am not back there, I can’t do life alone, and other humans can’t rescue me forever. Right? THE ONLY OBSTACLE TO FAITH IS ME!! (If I decide to pedal backwards, go sideways, or not continue the March Forward. March).

If I do the footwork in my life, the mere act of footwork alone is faith- BUT TO TRUST ITS GOING TO WORK OUT WHILE I’M DOING THE FOOTWORK IS ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️FIVE STAR FAITH. Haha. Sink or swim ring a bell?

And it’s not easy. It’s all about conditioning. Like a physical body needs conditioning before competing in an IronMan event, the spiritual side of us needs conditioning too! We get back what we put into anything in life.

Here’s some examples: ~A junkie puts a needle in his arm and ends up homeless and helpless on the street. He has kids out there somewhere, but he has no idea how many, or where they are. His heart is still beating for now but inside he is already dead.

~A girl takes a hit of a meth pipe and is hooked for life. She is now 25 and looks like she is 50. She is missing her teeth. Her kids were always hungry when she wasn’t, sometimes resorting to eating raw macaroni and cheese while mom was in the other room getting high. Her kids are now in jail and foster care. Both have been sexually abused.

~a girl who was bullied in school because she didn’t fit the “Hollywood Standard” (an unrealistic lie that we will begin believing if we are not careful and don’t know the Truth). She wants to end it all but then suddenly gets some referrals, resources, and begins to learn to cut those roots of shame at the high school ministry at a local church . She finds a new set of surroundings and is lifted back up again. She is now helping suicidal men and women in an outreach she founded, and has many supporters who are well known celebrity faces who had also been secretly suicidal or feeling worthless at one time. She raises a family in a healthy manner and passes no guilt or shame onto her kids. Happily married for over 10 years to a man who supported her through tragedies and triumphs she continues her journey with her testimony and her desire to move forward to make a difference in her life and others.

And it’s a life-long journey. We never stop learning. We fall. We get back up. No shame no guilt. You know why? When shame and guilt take root, it’s the beginning of the “I’m not good enough and I will never amount to anything” lie. It’s an EVIL root. Most of us have experienced or are currently experiencing what it feels like to live with these roots. And many of us don’t know it. But that’s ok. Gotta start somewhere!

It takes awhile to trust that everything is working for our good and that we can trust. I mean, after all, some of us couldn’t trust the very people who were suppose to love us. So how can we have this “faith”?

You cannot physically see faith. Don’t beat yourself up though. It takes plenty of time to develop spiritual conditioning. The more time you spend in this conditioning, the easier it will be to understand..God doesn’t hate us or beat us up when we have made mistakes. Without tests, there can be no testimony!!!


A Voice and a Choice

A Voice and A Choice

Ya  know, I never really felt I had either. I mean, I know I had a voice. I was very loud and hyper. I often was made fun of not only from childhood, but through my adult years. It’s just the way I am. It’s me.

After over 2,500 hours of attendance in an internship to obtain a state counseling license, I learned that it was ok to just be me. And that I was loved. And I was special. And I was accepted just as I was.

When I was young, I played basketball in my light yellow or my white dittos and went home wearing blacktop and sweat. I was a bit of a tomboy. People laughed at my laugh.

I was told that I might amount to something if only I could quit being so excited about life.

What most people didn’t know is that I came from a family who may or may not be like yours. There was a lot of dysfunction present. I tried to be loved by anyone I came across that would accept me and love me.

I remember becoming friends with many older people. I people pleased. I was whoever you wanted me to be, to be accepted and loved. I wanted to prove to anyone and everyone that I wasn’t a bad little girl and good for nothing, as these messages had been instilled in me as a young girl.

I remember, after many years of working on my own unhealthy roots that would hold me back if I failed to fight and work hard to put a spiritual  “Round-Up” on them, I was asked some simple questions.

A. What is your favorite color

B. What do you like to do for fun.

C. Describe yourself

I was stumped. I had lived so many decades trying to look good and please everybody else, that all I really knew was that I was a makeup artist named Dawn. I didn’t really even know who I really was or what I liked. I had spent so many years trying to be what you wanted me to be.


And I most certainly did! What a new epiphany to know that I was loved, worthy, and should go about my life with no guilt , and unashamed for the places and things I had been at or been involved with! I related my life to how we are if we have a mask on. We sometimes try to be that personality that satisfies everyone else. And in the process, we lose ourselves.

I will share a poem and a visual picture with you when I check back in with you!

We have so much to live. So much to give. We mustn’t give up or give in.

There are many avenues out there that are specifically set up for you to take as bait. One is called “the Hollywood Standard” Let’s talk about that in a while, ok? Xoxo

Dawn Schultz

Founder, Operation Prom Girl

Sunday a day of reflection


Happy Sunday – as we spend time reflecting on what we did last week we also look ahead to what this week will bring.  If we allow ourselves to see something good in all that we encounter we will have a happy, successful week.  This next week will be a time of dotting all the i’s and crossing all the t’s.  We are anticipating our numbers will be coming in for Operation Prom Girl 2015 participants, and we definitely don’t want to miss anyone – so get your submissions in!

This is an exciting time of year for so many, yet it can also be a sad time.  We know there are girls out there that are in need of a prom dress or maybe just a little smile and encouragement from someone.  If you run across a girl like this will you be the one that will put a smile on her face?  You see it does not cost anything except your time.  Are you willing to take a few minutes from your day to help make someone else’s day?  Are you willing to offer that encouragement?

Operation Prom Girl is all about that encouragement – its all about taking that extra minute from our day to share a little sunshine with someone that needs it!  We believe we need to meet people right where they are.  We are all about taking the extra we have been given and giving it to someone else. We know our community shares this same belief which is evident by all the dresses that have been donated!

As you take time today to reflect back on your week and look forward to next week take a moment to think about spreading some of your sunshine with someone that needs it.

In closing, if you know a high school girl in need of a prom dress send her our way, our event is on March 28th and everything we give out is free!

Happy Sunday

Dawn and Linda

Getting a little closer

Where do the days go?  We are just weeks away from our Operation Prom Girl Event on March 28, 2015.  To say we are 100% ready would be a far stretch from the truth.  Each day brings a whole host of new challenges and many rewards.  We are just so thankful we have an army of volunteers.

Our biggest needs are dress racks to hang all of the beautiful prom dresses that have been donated.  Never in our wildest dreams did we imagine that so many dresses would come in.  Neither of us should be surprised, earlier this year we kept feeling God was telling us to “Dream Big”, and that feeling has been confirmed by many of the wonderful folks we have recently met.

Our second biggest need is donation of items for our girls goodie bags, or gift cards for Dollar Tree and 99 cent store so we can purchase the items.  Gift cards in denominations of $10 or $20 would be awesome!!!

These two items are our primary focus right now.  We have a list of other needs and are very hopeful as we get closer to the event those items will come in.

As we end this week we are feeling grateful for all that God has accomplished – we have made contact with several high schools in the area as well as local service type organizations to ensure all of the girls with needs out there are identified. We are gearing up for our volunteer meeting the first week of March 2015, where we will finalize our plan for the March 28th event.  We are over the top excited with all of the dress donations that have come in, so much that we need that extra dress rack.

We have a couple of things on our “to do” list for today.  One last look at the VFW room in Wildomar for decorating purposes, phone calls to local businesses for donations, and maybe a little bit of enjoying the warm sunny California sunshine!

Thank you all for sharing and caring – please continue to tell your family and friends about Operation Prom Girl

Until next week

Dawn & Linda

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