Volunteer With The Dresses and Dreams Project

It takes a good group of solid volunteers to execute our annual event, and to support our non-profit program on a year-round basis so we may execute our fundraisers and various activities in our communities.

Are you interested in being a part of the Dresses and Dream Project Sisterhood? The Dresses and Dreams Project is much more than a dress, it is an experience. The founder’s vision includes a physical showroom and office location large enough to hold workshops and counseling services, mind, body, and spirit healing, career counseling, resources to victims of human trafficking, domestic violence, and other crisis matters, and art for healing through music, painting, and poetry, we have faith we can move forward with helping more young women and continue our mission, growing and expanding our demographics and geographic locations with appropriate funding and support.

We have several different areas that are in need of volunteers. Please fill out the online form to be considered to be part of a wonderful sisterhood and expression of love to young women in our communities! You will then be invited to our next meeting and an interview date will be set.

📣All volunteers are subject to a criminal background check for felony convictions/crimes against children.📣

Our meetings are held in the Inland Valley Empire for approximately 1 hour per month leading up to the free annual event for high school girls with hardships. We then meet year-round and participate in fundraisers, get-togethers, coffee meetups, and other agendas throughout the year. We seek commited volunteers in the following areas:

Décor Team – Under the direction of the founder and D&D Board of Directors, our decor lead takes the founder’s vision and with her team, creates decor for event based chosen theme and color scheme. Works with D&D budget to create inspiration for our theme. Secures donations for decor when able. BEGINNING IN 2019, all volunteers who sign up for the decor team will sign up for table(s) and create the decor centerpiece(s) for that table, following event theme inspiration and your own creative touch.

Donations/Fundraising – Team Lead – Vacant – Works with D&D to secure in-kind and financial donations and sponsorships for our annual event and fundraisers to support our program. *Grant writers will receive a 10% commission for each funded grant.

Dress Committee – The Dress Committee gets involved with collecting dresses, holding individual dress drives, and on the day of the event organizes dresses by size, color, length.  This committee also sets up the shoes and accessories for event day, assist the girls with finding that one special dress, and for the annual event, will also support fundraisers, fashion shows, and other dress-related functions throughout the year.

Event Hospitality Team – This team handles all of activities associated with check-in at the annual event, as well as food/drinks at events, and guiding and directing participants at our events and fundraisers. A hospitality team member might also prepare a dish or finger foods for a meeting or D&D volunteer function during year.

Event Set up and Tear Down – Team Lead – Day of event, works with Décor team to set room up for event, at end of event tear down

Media/Public Relations Team – Team Lead – Help manage media efforts. Work with D&D Project to create press releases and send to media outlets. Work with OPG to develop community relationships and develop partnerships with social service entities, charities and non-profits.

Social Media Team – Under the Direction of the D&D Leadership – Utilize social media to share OPG posts on other fb sites, Instagram, Snapchat. Work with D&D to create website updates, including writing blog entries (must provide writing examples)

Please use the form below to submit your volunteer request:

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